Reading Response: Chris Jordan

I do agree with Cris Jordan when he says we have lost our “feeling” and that our urge to be outraged is gone. A lot of times I have found that Americans have become desensitized to so much because of continually seeing the same things over and over again. It has become the “norm” to us and we will not act, or change our behaviors in the slightest way unless we can actually physically and emotionally feel the need for change and the best way to achieve that is through visuals. I wonder if Chris Jordan thinks visuals will be enough though? Even after seeing the birds with their stomachs pumped with bits and bits of plastic I myself still did not feel the need to act. The crisis was right in front of my face but I wonder how long it will take for us to recognize that this needs to be stopped and stop looking at crisis’s going on in America as just small problems?

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Reading Response: Backpacks vs. Briefcases Steps towards rhetorical analysis

I really enjoyed the reading by Laura Bolin Carroll. I completely understood everything she said and agreed with almost all of it. Especially the introduction about your first impression of your professor. I, in fact, am too guilty of the quick analysis. I remember the first day walking into my WRA class and the first thing I noticed about our professor initially her race, and then her shoes. The were brown, tall, heel boots, and I kept trying to figure out if she got them from JCPenney and why was she wearing brown with a black shirt (might have been a dress). I work in the JCPenney shoe store and immediately recognized the boots as ones we sell. I next noticed her subtle sarcasm and came to the conclusion that she was funny, and somewhat strange, but in a good way, and that we would get along just fine. Plus her youth and short stature made me feel like we were on the same plateau, so I didn’t look at her as some strict old professor who knows nothing about the life of a college student.

The article states that “everywhere there is persuasion, there is rhetoric” and that our actions are “persuasive in nature”. Completely true. We do it unconsciously. So knowing how to use rhetoric in its most effective ways can get you quite far in life. Think about. You know exactly what words to use with your friends or parents to get them to fork over wads of cash or shovel our unnecessary favors. This is simply us using rhetorical persuasion to get ahead. It is all over the media, in classrooms, grocery stores, just about everywhere you go. Once we understand the rhetorical situation we can much clearly understand the argument and become smarter consumers, not fall for our friends tricks, and understand the language and reasons for that language in books, and articles. So learn how to create rhetoric and understand its nature. It will be most beneficial.

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A Picture is worth A Thousand Words (Very rough Draft)

People in our culture today put so much emphasis into the pictures they take and where those pictures are placed; whether on a significant others wall, in a wallet, or on a board at work. Why do we put so much importance into where our pictures are placed and how we look in them when we know they do not clearly depict us as individuals? Some people may think the intent of taking a picture in the first place is to simply cherish a memory. Everyone loves looking at old photos and reliving the moments that mean so much to us, but pictures can also serve a much bigger purpose. Some people use their pictures to project an image that really isn’t present. For example, Shayna throws a birthday party that she is overly confident about and invites everyone she knows to attend except Mary Fin. When only a dozen people show up for Shayna’s party she feels hurt and embarrassed but decides to take several pictures in order to look as if she were having fun and that the party was a success because she knew Mary Fin would be able to view the photos on Facebook and she wanted her to be jealous and to feel like she missed out. In this instance Shayna’s intent for taking her pictures were not to cherish the dull moments she experienced at her party, but to use them as a tool to make herself seem important and to give off the message that her life, although very untrue, is fun and exciting. Our culture has been warped with this kind of deceit and we continue to power and boost our ego’s via pictures. Some people go through great measures to make sure they are caught in pictures with celebrities, or with the most luxurious attire only to give off the impression that they are important. Have you ever noticed no one ever wants to be photographed on a regular Saturday afternoon while sweating over a hot stove or doing average everyday chores like the laundry or dishes? Why not photograph these moments during life? The moments we are so familiar with? The ones we can all relate to? Our society has turned this kind of technology into a lie. We only show the glamorous days ad nights when we look our absolute best every so often. Wouldn’t an everyday ordinary picture be a better indicator of our personalities? Who we are as individuals? Or have cameras shaped the lens of our culture so drastically that depicting the truth isn’t even an option as long as we can make our desires for feeling important and special, above average seem like reality? (New Paragraph)Next we will venture into what the position of your pictures says about you. (atleast one source in this paragraph) (New Paragraph) Pictures and how the correspond with social networks (New Paragraph) Celebrity pictures, paparazzi, fear of being caught on camera (two sources) Many times people go so far as to try and intimidate another with their pictures. I’ve even had this happen to me a few years back, one of my friends told me they saw my picture on Myspace under a girl named Candice. When I viewed the page I found all sorts of pictures of me that were posted on my Myspace that she had stolen. Not only was the person behind the computer a fake, but she made up a completely new identity for my face. I was distraught and contacted Myspace immediately to have the page taken down. Our culture today, whether through digital enhancement or simply stealing ones photo and posting it as your own has made it acceptable to show false truths via pictures. People place more of an emphasis on how they appear to others than how they truly are as a person. This remind me of the quote “its not what you know, its what you can prove in court”. Whether or not we really are as beautiful as me may look in a picture, today’s society believes that its not about how we truly look on a regular basis, but how beautiful we could possibly make ourselves seem with the help of a little digital photography.

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PROJECT 2: TECHNOLOGY & CULTURE (A Picture is worth a thousand words)

People in our culture today put so much emphasis into pictures they take and where those pictures are placed whether on a significant others’ wall, in a wallet, or on a board at work. Why do we put so much importance to where our pictures are placed and how we look in them when we know they don not clearly depict who we are as individuals?

Topic Sentence 1: Real intentions behind the reasons for taking pictures and their subliminal messages.

Topic Sentence 2: What the position of your pictures says about you. Pictures in the workplace.

Topic Sentence 3: Pictures and how they correlate with social networks.

Topic Sentence 4: Celebrity pictures, paparazzi, and others fear of being caught on “candid camera”

Topic Sentence 5: Criminal behaviour and imitation

Conclusion: People place more of an emphasis on how they appear to others than how they truly are as a person. Reminds me of the quote “its not about what you know, its about what you can prove in court”. Whether we really are as beautiful as we may look in a picture, its not about how we truly look on a regular basis, but about how beautiful we could possibly look with the help of some digital enhancement.

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Reading Response 2: Internet Vigilantes

Although I agree with the kitten killer being very inhumane and that she should serve some sort of consequence, it is not up to regular citizens to determine who is punished and who isn’t. The post reminds me of an episode of one of the crime shows I was watching where basically there was a man going around killing innocent people who he sought were guilty. Some of the “crimes” the people were guilty of were having too much money, or not spending enough time with their family. No one person or group of people should have the power to determine and judge who is wrong and who is right. Soon they will go overboard and start bashing people or making them loose their jobs because they wear too much make-up or they are overweight.

A Human-flesh search engine can be useful in some ways but it needs to have regulations and not just be pursued by the general public against whomever they see fit.

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Facebook Experiment

The first pictures on my profile are from my Godson’s 1st birthday party. I wonder if people think he is mine because I have so many pictures of him.

In all my tagged pictures I am dressed up and getting ready to go out. Do people think I’m a party animal?

Every time I post a status a lot of people like it. Does this mean that I am popular? Highly liked?

A lot of the comments people have left me say how much they miss me. Does that mean I don’t spend enough time with my friends?

I ignore 90% of the people who pop-chat me. Would people think I am stuck up? Anti-Social?

People post on my wall very frequently but I don’t respond to them half as often. Am I really THAT busy?

I tell somewhat very personal information on my Facebook because I am only friends on there with people I am really friends with in real life. Would others who get denied fried request think I am unwilling to reach out to new people?

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Reading Response for William and Mary

After reading the story the first thing I thought about was whether or not I would donate my own body to science. I always wanted to be an organ donor some way but the thought of a piece of myself still being alive after everything else is gone sort of freaked me out. I didn’t want to be able to see with my eyes in someone else’s body (athough that would probably never happen) you just can’t be so sure. Science and technology is changing so rapidly everyday that who  know what they will come up with next. We might be just living heads like the Russian dog. The story was extremely interesting because it forces you to think about all the possibilities, and maybe one day some crazy scientist like Landy might make it all happen. The only thing I would worry about was if this type of science might end up in the wrong hands and messing with nature. I do believe when God calls one home, that means its time to go. How far will science go to preserve life? Will we defy God and continue to live on way past our time someday? Technology is evolving rapidly and we are learning new things about its capabilities faster than we know what to do with them. I just hope we dont take it too far and suffer major consequences from defying the rules of life.

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The Walkabout

Why is This Project called The Walkabout?
In order to get you thinking about the presence of everyday technologies, I’d like you to do a Walkabout. What you have to do is:
1)    Pick any day of the week when you’re going to be on campus or at work
2)    Pick a two-hour slot during that day, and track all the technology you use
3)    List the technologies on your blogs along with the date/time-slot of your choice

I did my walkabout on Sunday January, 23rd between 3pm and 6pm. The technologies I used are as listed (in no particular order):

-Shopping cart at Walmart

-Pin Pad where credit card was used

-Answered call on my cell phone

-Used Twitter

-Used Coffee Machine at Gas Station

-Used GPS to get back home

-Plugged in electric Flat Iron to straighten my hair

-Ironed clothes

-Watched TV

-Used Remote Control to change channels

-Surfed the web on my Laptop

-Put my clothes in washer and dryer

-Set my alarm clock to wake up from nap




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Video Response: A vision of students today

The video, A Vision of Students today, was very interesting. Not only does it spark the question of how our classrooms are changing but also shows us a clear depiction of how they have already changed. Students are being taught in larger classrooms of hundreds of other students, while having to multi task with all of life’s other responsibilities. Students are present with their laptops at hand and technology is being used more  and more as a learning pathway, but most students admitted that they still use their technology to interact with social networks like Facebook or Twitter. In our class we are learning about texts and technology and its effects in our world today. The video relates to the topic and makes us wonder whether these new advances help us proceed to the next level our just serve as another distraction in our busy world?

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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